Race Day Arrangement

We are a few days away from the game. So below is some note to be taken.

1. Final participant list can be refer at this link.

2. Race Pack Collection

Session 1
Date: 6 May 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 10am to 9pm
Venue: Stadium (T-010), 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall.

Session 2 (Only for Pre-Arrange)
Date: 7 May 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 4am to 6am
Venue: Dewan orang ramai Kampung Kemensah, Ulu Kelang.
GPS: 3.213995, 101.767810
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yuRTXXRnmQy

* Please bring your confirmation slip for verification (softcopy will do)
* Mandatory item
  - 1st check at the RPC in Midvalley.
  - For post, we will check before the race
  - For group collect, we will check at RPC and before the race start.

For postage, all bacth already out last week and some of you should get it last week and some will be get it this week.

3. Parking
There is only few parking slot available in Kampung Kemensah. So
a. We advise you to car pool to the race site.
b. There is few area for parking. Please refer at this link.
c. Come early to avoid any issue.
d. Park with your own risk.

Few area you can park.
a. Parking B Zoo Negara and road side all the way Zoo Negara. You need to walk about 800 meter to starting line. There is fee per entry/parking.
b. All the way the road side in Kampung Kemensah. Please don't block villagers house.

4. Route
Final route can be seen at below link.

Strava (Arman Arshad)
5KM - https://www.strava.com/routes/7325050
10KM - https://www.strava.com/routes/4604202
18KM - https://www.strava.com/routes/4604233
30KM - https://www.strava.com/routes/7325071
50KM - https://www.strava.com/routes/4604189

Dropbox (gpx)





5. Cut Off Time
After few revise on the route we have decided to increase the cut off time as below.

5KM - 1 hour 30 minutes from start time
10KM - 2 hours 30 minutes from start time
18KM - 4 hours 30 minutes from start time
30KM - 7 hours 30 minutes from start time
50KM - 11 Hours overall and they will be cut off time at approximately 21km, Bukit Roket (when return from Sungai Pusu) which is 4 hours or at 10.30AM.

6. Bring Your Own Bottle
We implementing Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) format to avoid such violation to the trail. We will not provide any paper cup at each water station. You will require to bring your own bottle/cup/hydration beg all the way the track. We will also agreed to DQ any participant that catch throwing any rubbish all the way the trail. We try to create awareness that organizer and participant of any race should be responsible for all the rubbish created in the game. Seems running should be a way to make us healthy mental and physical so lets together make our trail clean and remain as it is for mother nature.

7. Race Flow

5:00am - Participant start coming
6.15am - Final briefing for 50KM participant
6:30am - Flag off 50KM Categories
6.35am - Final briefing for 30KM participant
6.45am - Flag off 30KM Categories
7.00am - Flag off 18KM Categories
7:15am - Flag off 10KM Categories
7:30am - Flag off 5KM Categories
10:30am - Award presentation and Lucky Draw for 10KM and 18KM
3:30pm - Award presentation and Lucky Draw for 30KM and 50KM
5.30pm - Game finish

8. Safety
a. Please make sure your are in good condition to start the race. If you feel unwell 3 days before the race (or take any medication for fever/flue etc) we advise you not to start the race.
b. Do carboload this few days. This will make sure you got enough energy during the race. It will help to avoid any injury.
c. Do help to get proper shoes, we are expecting it going to be a wet day.
d. All river water are safe to drink.

9. Water station
Please refer below info for the checkpoint arrangement.

10. Timing System
We will have automatic timing system at specific check point and we also deploy manual system at all u-turn point. So make sure pick up the ribbon provided by the volunteer.

11. Mandatory Item (for 18km, 30km and 50km Only)
- Hydration bag/handheld bottle. (min capacity of 500ml)
- Whistle x 1 pc
- Emergency Blanket x 1 pc
- Headlamp x 1 pc. Flag off time is 6:30am, so it's still dark when you start the race
- Hand phone (for emergency).

* you're required to present the mandatory items:
a. BEFORE THE RACE, at starting line and RPC
b. DURING THE RACE, random checks by official at any point during the race.

12. Drop beg and Special Need beg
- They will be drop beg at starting line. Do help to drop it before 6.30am
- There is no Special need beg for 30KM and 50KM  at each CP.

13. Trail Ethic
We urge you guys to follow below some ethic when running in trail
a. If you are running/walk slow give way to people behind. Just take a side left and give fast runner to pass you. Don't block or go to slow.
b. If you are going fast, give signal to front people. Just say something to them like, "Give way", "Excuse Me", "Air panas.. Air Panas" etc.. and front people just make a side left and give people to pass you. Do this in proper place, don't do this at any downhill or narrow area.
c. At any narrow area or climbing always give people coming down or front to use the route 1st.
d. Look after each other, after all it not about medal or winning. If you see any people injured or in trouble please help to give 1st hand aid.
e. Don't throw any rubbish in the trail. Do help to drop you gel plastic/food plastic/anything related to the nearest check point or take it out from the trail. If you see any runner doing such behavior, do help to snap a picture of the rubbish and bib number and report to us, or just tell the person to pick up back the rubbish, or help to pick up for them.

If you have any problemor question, do response to us ASAP. So see you at the starting line.