Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Late Registration

For now we are getting so many request to open some more slot for this game. After long discussion with all stake holder we decide to open few more slot for all categories with below condition..

1. They will be no medal for finisher for this scheme seem medal already pre-order few weeks back.
2. You will get all other support inclusive  Event-T, Cert and all related except for medal.
3. Fee is the same as normal rate.
4. No discount code (from KOBL) available which the code only valid during normal registration period.
5. Registration will open from today 6 May 2015 10.00PM till 15 May 2015 10.00PM or reaching the additional max slot.

Please remember, there is so much cost involve by doing this seems all work already in progress. For now we try to get you to run the game, enjoy this trail and bare on some of the cost involve. So take it or leave it.

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